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Sights from the South 4

Sights from the South 4
Sights from the south 4

This is the fourth number of the review Sights from the South, whose aim is to give prominance each year to particular works on the Portuguese literary lanscape.

In this number, we take a longer look at the authors' words, increasing the length of the excerpts. At the same time, we give children’s and young people’s literature their rightful space, highlighting them in the Publication Portuguese Children's Books, in April of each year.
Every year is special, and this one is certainly memorable. In July the poet Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen died after eighty-five years of exploring and revealing the locus of love and freedom. We open the way to Sophia's poetry in this number of Sights through Richard Zenith's translations.
If we were to look for the common ground occupied by the selections that appear in this review, we could probably use the words of the poet Daniel Faria and talk about "places in the wrong place" (Homens que são como lugares mal situados / Men who are like places in the wrong place). The characters, time, situation, the wordcraft, all seem to create their own peculiar, strange and unique time. The approach adopted by essayists Maria Filomena Molder and Daniel Sampaio in the fields of philosophy and psychology, is also in some ways concerned with the "flaws" of those places where men site themselves.
This is your invitation to explore them in the pages that follow.

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