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Sights from the South 3

Sights from the South 3
Sights from the south 3

Continuing with its work of promoting Portuguese contemporary authors, the Portuguese Institute for Books and Libraries is pleased to present its third issue of Portuguese Literature – Sights from the South 3.

The group of selected authors is once again intended to reflect and provide insights into the contemporary panorama of Portuguese literature, both in terms of their contribution towards a sense of national cultural identity and their creative individuality.

The awareness of Portuguese Literature abroad, which the Portuguese Institute for Books and Libraries seeks to increase through its participation in Book Fairs and other international literary events, is most especially promoted through its Translation Subsidy Programme, which annually supports more than IOO translations of works by Portuguese authors.

Cultures enrich and establish themselves through contact with other cultures, in a constructive and dynamic interaction. It is within this multicultural universe that Portuguese literature has gained a place, casting out roots which aspire to be ever more attractive in content, innovative in form and original in the ensemble of its authors and their works

Sights from the South (2003) para descarregar (formato PDF)