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Sights from the South 1

Sights from the South 1
Portuguese Literature - Sights from the south

This issue of Portuguese Literature – Sights from South is therefore the first of a compilation with a dual aim: to reveal the modernly dynamical of Portuguese Literature , and to rescue from oblivion those authors and works that, by virtue of their creative power are worthy of regard.

The present group of authors and works, ranging from Poetry to Children’s Literature, and from Fiction to Essay, is a sample of the richness and diversity of contemporary Portuguese Literature. At the same time, this selection includes exemplary cases that justify, through their aesthetic value, originality and universality, a wider diffusion in the non Portuguese-speaking world.

 This is one of the tools that makes part of a policy whose aim is to bring Portuguese works and authors closer to their potential readers, be they the general public, the lusophone specialists and researchers, or the translators and publishing professionals, one of the main activities being the funding of translation.

Through its regular publication, Portuguese Literature – Sights from South provides a set of essential data and information, for the understanding of both authors and works. Above all, it will help lift the veil of Portuguese language and through a careful selection of texts, the luminous intensity of a literature from the South of Europe will be able to shine through, its radiance illuminating all readers, even those who are the furthest away from our culture.

Sights from the South (2001) para descarregar (formato PDF)