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Sights from the South 2

Sights from the South 2
Sights from the South 2

This second issue of Sights from the South - Portuguese Literature continues to showcase the vitality of Portuguese writing and to reveal authors and works of already proven literary worth.

This issue is marked by an unusual number of formal connections and affective affinities between the featured authors. In fact each author included, at some point in his or her career, has been linked to one or more of the other authors through literary criticism, by way of personal tribute, or even through direct collaboration, taking advantage of the unique kind of interplay afforded by literature and building solid bridges in the process.

 The end result is a coherent ensemble of essential information about ten important authors representing various generations and various genres that will serve as an excellent guide for those who are taking their first plunge into Portuguese literature as welI as for those who simply wish to update and extend their knowledge of the subject.

In this return trip to the South, we hope that the Atlantic luminosity of our luminosity of our literature will continue to be felt by all readers, however geographically distant they may be.

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