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Tuesday, 23-07-2024
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Poetry International Web | Portuguese domain

Poetry International Web | Portuguese domain

The Poetry International Web (PIW), published by the Poetry International Rotterdam Festival, was a platform that made available poems in translation by classic and contemporary poets.

Countries from all over the world were invited to curate each country section. The result was a remarkable and diverse collection of poetry, available to all English-speaking readers. 

The PIW also provided the poems in their original language and information about the poets.

The Portuguese domain was provided by the DGLAB, first with Richard Zenith as editor and then with Luís Miguel Queirós. Several translators were involved in this project, which lasted almost 20 years.

The PIW, as it was, has ceased to exist, so the DGLAB is recovering the archives of its domain and making them available here. The information in the PDFs below is the content of what was in the PIW and will not be updated.

Portuguese poets:

​A. M. Pires Cabral (1941-)

Adília Lopes (1960-)

Alexandre O’Neill (1924-1986)

Ana Luísa Amaral (1956-2022)

Antero de Quental (1842-1891)

António Osório (1933-2021)

António Ramos Rosa (1924-2013)

Bernardim Ribeiro (1482-1552)

Camilo Pessanha (1867-1926)

Carlos de Oliveira (1921-1981)

Cesário Verde (1855-1886)

Daniel Faria (1971-1999)

Daniel Jonas (1973-)

Eugénio de Andrade (1923-2005)

Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935)

Florbela Espanca (1894-1930)

Gastão Cruz (1941-2022)

Herberto Helder (1930-2015)

Jorge de Sena (1919-1978)

​José Tolentino Mendonça (1965-)

Luís Miguel Nava (1957-1995)

Luiza Neto Jorge (1939-1989)

Miguel Manso (1979-)

Nuno Júdice (1949-)

Rui Cóias (1966-)

Rui Lage (1975-)

Ruy Belo (1933-1978)

Ruy Cinatti (1915-1986)

Vasco Graça Moura (1942-2014)