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Tuesday, 23-07-2024
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National Ilustration Award

National Ilustration Award

The National Ilustration Award aims to encourage the quality and creativity of picture books published in Portugal. It is was created by  the DGLAB in 1996  and it is awarded every year.

Only published work is accepted:  the books must have been published from the 1st January to the 31st December of the year prior to the application.

During the call for entries, the submission may be entered by the publishing house (based in Portugal), or by the illustrator. Portuguese or foreign illustrators resident in Portugal are admitted.

The applicants must send 4 copies of the book during the call for entries, which is announced generally in the first semester of each year.

Every year, one winner and two special mentions are selected. 

The winner will receive 10 000 euros plus an extra of € 1 500 euros, which must be used to participate in the following edition of the Bologna International Book Fair for Children and Youth.

Both the Special Mentions are awarded 1 500 euros; this amount is also intended to be a contribution to the cost of their presence in the Bologna Book Fair.

Winners and special mentions awarded

List of all winners