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Tuesday, 23-07-2024
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Support for travelling and other projects

Support for travelling and other projects


The DGLAB supports the participation of authors at events outside the country and other projects designed to promote Portuguese authors abroad.

Funds can be assigned to travelling expenses or to other sources of costs, depending on the project :  
  • Support may be requested for the presence of Portuguese authors in international residences, festivals, book fairs and other literary events abroad, or 
  • To particular projects in which Portuguese literature and Portuguese authors are highlighted.
  • The support may consist of a financial subsidy or technical support – providing information, photos, lending exhibitions, printed material, taking part on the organization, promoting partnerships, etc. 
  • Proposals may be submitted by the authors (writer or illustrator), the publisher or the organizing body.
  • The proposals can be submitted throughout the year, by means of an email with all detailed information to 

The assessment is done on a case-by-case basis.