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Monday, 26-10-2020
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Grants for Translation

Grants for Translation
Please read thoroughly

Application submitted by the foreign publishing house
Deadline 31st March
Only one assessment per year
Literary fiction, poetry and essays on literature are eligible
All Portuguese authors and those from the Portuguese speaking countries (Angola, Mozambique Cap Verde, São Tomé, Guinea-Bissau and Timor) are eligible, exception made to Brazil (which has its own funding)
Support covers a part of the total translation cost
No limit to the number of applications by publishing house each year
Funding is wire transferred to the publishing house until the end of the current year

Submissions include:

Rights contract
Contract with the translator
Translator’s cv

Publisher is committed to acknowledge DGLAB funding, by the following inscription and the required logo:
Funded by the General Directorate for Book, Archives and Libraries + LOGO
Five copies of the book must be sent to DGLAB