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Sunday, 19-09-2021
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Public Libraries

Public Libraries

The mission of the General Directorate for Book, Archives and Libraries (DGLAB), is to plan and support the development of the National Public Library Network [RNBP].
To this end, he DGLAB provides technical and financial support to municipalities in the creation and installation of public libraries, as well as plans and develops services for the libraries and general public through information and communication technologies.

Priorities of the National Public Library Network:

  • To ensure every municipality has a public library, in keeping with internationally established principles and norms;
  • Providing material and services for both the RNBP libraries and the general public through information and communication technologies.
  • In achieving these aims, the DGLAB's functions, which are carried out through the Department of Libraries include:
  • Drawing up directives for the installation of new facilities;
  • Technical support for municipal projects in the creation and installation of public libraries in accordance With the technical guidelines laid out in the DGLAB Support Programme for Municipal Libraries;
  • Financial support for initial municipal investment in libraries, in terms of: project team fees, construction work, 'urnishings and specific equipment, collections and the development of information technology services;
  • Making the following available on the Web, through the Public Libraries Knowledge Network portal Information concerning RNBP libraries, specifically contacts, photographs and programmed activities;
  • Collective catalogue of RNBP library local resources;
  • Repository for bibltographical records which can be exported in batches;
  • Information on national and international professional training and documentation on the public library sector;
  • RNBP library websites: produced and updated by the municipalities.