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Friday, 15-01-2021
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Application Form: Grants for the Translation

Application Form: Grants for the Translation
Please read the information before filling in the application form.
Deadline for application: 31st March
Please read the information for the relevant programme first.
1. Publisher
* Email Required. This email address will be used in the submission confirmation of your form.
2. Original book
Note: Please note that in case of anthologies, a list of authors and works, identifying the corresponding titles, must be attached.
3. Translation
(if but a part is translated, specify which)
(enclose relevant details)
Notes: Please give us a detailed account of the translation cost (€/ page or €/ verse):
4. Edition
5. Information regarding what this edition contributes to, culturally
6. Other institutions offering financial support for this edition


Declaration (to fill out, sign and send by post) 

Direção-Geral do Livro, dos Arquivos e das Bibliotecas
Edifício da Torre do Tombo, Alameda da Universidade
1649-010 Lisboa, Portugal

The application is not concluded until a copy of the following documents is received:

  • Copyright contract;
  • Translation contract.

Please send us those documents by email address: